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3D Printers Greece

In 2015, love for 3D Printers inspired us to launch this company, 3DPrintersGreece. Since then, with planning and diligence, we construct and produce our own 3D Printers and care about spreading the use and potential of this new technology, through educational programs.

Our goal: To make your life easier and more creative at the press of a button.
Our passion: To solve problems and construct new inventions.
Our skills: We construct 3D Printers, CNC machines, Vacuum Forming machines, PCBs’ and mechanical design, 3D design.


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Softwares for 3D design

Tinkercad online 3D design and 3D printing app Tinkercad is used by designers, hobbyists, teachers, and kids, to make toys, prototypes, home decor, Minecraft models, jewelry – the list is truly endless! Blender Open Source 3D creation Blender is the free and open...

Print Quality Troubleshooting Guide

Levelling Process - Adjust your bed right Many printers include an adjustable bed with several screws or knobs that control the position of the bed. If your printer has an adjustable bed and you’re having trouble getting your first layer to stick to the bed, the first...

10 Sites to download 3D Models

STL Models for 3D Printing Day by day, more people get comfortable and adopt the spirit of 3D Printing. From making everyday things to specialized tooling and medical implants, 3D Printers have the capacity to radically change our world. There are a few limitations...

3D Printing in the Aquarium Hobby

In the recent years, 3D Printing has invaded our lives in a good way, giving us access to part fabrication in times they are not available. For example say that it's a Sunday and you are performing your regular aquarium cleaning routine and you accidently break a part...

Selecting a 3D printer

Choosing a 3D printer Could be quite a challenge. However, when you ask yourself the question : What will it be used for? You are already aiming for the right one. Before taking a decision, try to step back and visualize all the important specifications you need for...