STL Models for 3D Printing

Day by day, more people get comfortable and adopt the spirit of 3D Printing. From making everyday things to specialized tooling and medical implants, 3D Printers have the capacity to radically change our world.

There are a few limitations though, how do you design something beautiful or practical if you don’t know about 3D Design?

The answer is, that you don’t need to!

Thanks to the contribution of others that do know how to 3D Design, everybody can get started right away even if they do not have a printer.

Millions of STL files are a few clicks away from being printed by your own printer or deliver to your doorstep by a 3D Printing service of your choice.

Thanks to many popular STL file sharing websites you can get what you like without even registering and logging in (one password less to remember 🙂 )