The Repetier-Host is a simple to use host software, which is be compatible with most firmwares around. You can add and position your STL files on the simulated printbed and slice them all together. For slicing you can use the built-in Slic3r slicer or use the well-known Skeinforge. Just call “Slice & Load” and the job gets delegated to the current slicer, showing its output in the log window.

In the G-Code editor you can change or analyze your code. To help you a short description of the current code is shown below the editor.

The host runs on Windows XP or higher, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Cura is free Open Source software released on the AGPLv3 license. Cura is well suited for Bowden-extruder machines like the Ultimaker and most Delta-bots. also you can use it with most of reprap printers. Cura features it’s own Slicing engine, GCode sender and other tools to provide an “all in one” solution for 3D printing. However all components can be used on their own.