Myriwell 3D-Print Pen v3 for 1.75mm Filament with LCD


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RP100C is the 3rd generation 3D print pen from Myriwell, its first time use 5V 2A voltage, can use power bank to supply the power, the using of 3D print pen no longer limited indoor.Slim pen body easy to grab, metal material is full of high tech quality.


Advantage of RP100C:

  1. New design aluminum alloy pen body, extremely light and slim.
  2. Plug design nozzle and removable back cover,easy to maintain and clear.
  3. 4 speed design, simple to adjust the print speed
  4. Auto loading&retracting design, filament loading&unloading just need one press on the key.
  5. New power charge way, can use both indoor or outside, more fun.


  • Voltage:5V 2A
  • Discharge model: FDM
  • Filament: PLA&ABS
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.6mm
  • Filament diameter:1.75±0.03mm
  • Extrusion speed:About 0.06-0.40 cubic MM/minute
  • Pen dimension:175.4*18*18mm
  • Net weight:55±2g

RP100C is Myriwell latest design in 2016,it takes completely new aluminum alloy body design which is much more slim and light than previous design, the metal pen body also looks more science technical.Different from the previous power supply model, RP100C power voltage only 5V 2A it can either supply by power bank or by AC/DC power adapter.

The power bank supply model make the using of 3D print pen not only limited indoor, can also use outdoor to enjoy more fun in nature.RP100C also lasts the classic easy maintain plug design of nozzle, nozzle, motor,pcb board all can replace, user can just check user manual to resolve pen default.RP100C fulfill auto loading and retracting function, different from RP100A&RP100B loading need long press the loading key, RP100C only need around 2 seconds press then pen can load and unload successfully.